Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Blog visiting weekend

A couple of months ago, Jennie and I asked our blogger friend Sonya if it would be possible for us to drive out to her place and meet her and her family. Although Sonya and I went to the same high school for 2 years, we were 1 year apart and we didn't roll with the same crowds, so we really had never met. Sonya said we could definitely come and meet them, so we planned the date and last weekend we had the privilege of staying at their place for a night.

Sonya had asked if there was anything specific we wanted to do when we came up and I said, "No, just hang out and get to know you guys." That's exactly what we did. You know how sometimes when you meet someone for the first time it can be a little awkward and uncomfortable? It wasn't like that at all. It was so comfortable and easy to just sit around and chat. I think you can tell how layed back the weekend was by this picture of Sonya and Gary.

Don't they looked relaxed? They don't look at all worried about us turning out to be serial murderers or anything. All 3 of us had people ask how we know each other and when we said, "through our blogs," everyone would then ask, "but how ELSE do you know each other?" People who aren't bloggers find it really weird how blogging brings people together. I'm so glad I started this blog and have met so many wonderful people.

These are their 2 daughters, Cam and Paige. They were also very comfortable with us and we had fun getting to know them as well. Thanks for giving up your rooms for us, girls!

This is Jennie with their cutie patootie dog, Ginger. She was SO cute! She weighs about 4 pounds and wasn't yappy at all (you know how some small dogs can be yappy and annoying). She was like a little teddy bear and loved Jennie. I wasn't jealous at all. :(

We went for a walk to see the property where Sonya and Gary hope to build their home one day and it was amazing. They will have a spectacular view when it's done. I hope to be invited back some day and experience it first hand. Hint, hint.

We took Ginger with us on our walk and she got a bit dirty, so she had to have a bath.

She may have looked a little scary during her bath, but she smelled wonderful afterwards.

We had all afternoon to hang out on Saturday so we ended up watching a bit of hockey (nice jacket, Don) ...

We played a fun new card game called Five Crowns (at least it was new to me) ...
and Jennie and I got our exercise by playing Wii. We played tennis, baseball, golf, went bowling and here we are boxing. My arm is still a little sore from this strenuous activity.

Then it was time for our photo shoot. We had to have a picture taken of all 3 of us together. Well, you hand Cam a camera and watch out. One click when we weren't ready and that started the shouts of, "Wait!" "No!" "Again!" She just kept snapping and we ended up laughing quite hard. Isn't that how all models do it?

We did end up getting one nice picture out of it (although I had to crop Cam's finger out of the bottom of this shot).

In the evening, since we had just finished our photo shoot, what better movie to watch than Zoolander ... a movie about male models. Too funny!

Thanks again, to all 4 of you for letting us come invade your place for the weekend. You are very happy, fun people and it was a pleasure to get to know you. I love when you meet new people and it feels like you've known them forever.

Also this past week, my friend Leana is up visiting from Argentina. I've known Leana for years, but through my blog she has started reading Lovella's blog and so we invited ourselves over to Lovella's place for tea. Lovella set up a beautiful table of rhubarb scones. It was lovely.

Here's myself, Leana and Jennie enjoying our scones.

I really do consider it a privilege to get to know new people and them allowing me a spot in their lives. Thank you to all my blogger buddies who have allowed me a glimpse into their lives and have invited me to leave comments and to share in each others joys and pains.

This has nothing to do with blogger friends, but on my way into town after our tea, I spotted these little guys crossing the street and since my camera was sitting right next to me, I had to take some pictures.

P.S. I can't believe Jennie has never seen Titanic and doesn't want to! :P


Lovella ♥ said...

Fiona, what a great weekend. What is funny is .. .that when you came to my house. . I wanted to know about Sonya too. I think we all (bloggers) have a unique interest in people. We all love to communicate and we really do enjoy getting to know one another.
I loved your pictures. . .so glad you came for tea.

Unknown said...

ROFLMAO!! I had forgotten that you took that picture of Don Cherry's jacket. You are so funny. In fact, this whole post made me laugh almost as hard as when the events actually took place. What a great time we all had. You definitely have to come back again. But next time you need to stay longer. :)

Jennie said...

It was such a great weekend! And Monday morning tea!

Your P.S. made me laugh!! :)

Keri's Collage... said...

I love this post Fiona! Very cool that you were able to meet Sonya and her fam! I know for a fact that there is never a dull moment in that house!

PS...I own can borrow it any time :)

Joy said...

Oh what fun!!!
So umm.....where will you be NEXT weekend???? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Fion, Very cool Blogger Weekend you had. Sounds and looks great. Glad you had such a good time. P.S I only watch the first dvd of the Titanic cause I can't watch everyone drown especially that mom with her kids in the room. Brutal. Tell Jennie to just watch the first part which is all lovey and great before everyone dies. Your sister, Jodi