Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm so proud of us!

Tonight was an extremely cold, clear night. One where you would want to curl up on your couch in front of the fireplace with a hot chocolate in hand and maybe even a hot water bottle on your feet. But where was I? Outside working out! I know, it's amazing. Last week I joined Cardio Core Boot Camp ( and 3 nights a week I'm running, working my "core" (not just my abs) and pretty much wanting to die every night. Luckily I have my friend Brenda going with me to keep me motivated. Thanks Bren! But seriously, I was really proud of us for being out there tonight. The only thing that would've made it worse was if it was raining. Thank you, Lord, for holding off the rain. Anyways, this is just the start of week 2, so we're not even halfway there yet, but I really hope this helps somewhat. Can't be all flabby on the beach in Hawaii when I meet Bono, can I? :P Also, if any of you want to join us, we're aloud to bring a guest one time so they see that it's "not so bad." HaHa. I mean, come, it'll be fun!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

3 Puppies!!!

In case you didn't know, 3 is my favorite number. I'm actually a little "weird" about it ... or so I'm told. Anything in 3's brings a smile to my face. So you can imagine my excitement when 3 of my friends got new puppies. I just had to blog about them.

Meet Sushi,


and Aggie.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Hello Hello! I'm at a place called Vertigo!

If you don't know what that refers to, then shame on you. Just kidding ... kind of. It's a lyric from a song by my favorite band ... U2. Who else? I do admit that I'm a new super fan, but a super fan none the less. So much so that Bren and I just bought tickets to go see them in Hawaii on their last concert of their tour. How excited am I? I want the next 7 weeks to FLY BY!!! I can't wait.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Summer Update - AUGUST - Better Late Than Never

I originally started my blog to keep people updated on my travels around the world, but since that's not happening right now, I decided to just update my blog with things happening around here. I kind of put off updating in the summer, thinking I was going away, so I missed a chunk of "happenings" this summer. This is my summer update. I know it's a little backwards, starting with August and going down to June, but I started it wrong and it takes too long to fix it. Sorry.

I already blogged about my birthday, so I'll skip that.

I took a week off in August and went and visited my sister and her family. We had a lot of fun riding the quads through the trails, jumping on the trampoline, playing with the animals, going to a movie (Step Up), watching the kids on the climbing wall and just chillin' out and catching up. Thanks for having me you guys. Love y'all.

We had a cool thunderstorm like only the prairies can have, and I actually managed to catch some lightning.

This was my favorite picture of the trip because my little niece was so small on this big quad, but she had no problem handling it through the trails. So cute!

One hot summer day I went and asked Dillon and Aidan if they wanted to run through the spinklers with me. We had a blast and then afterwards, we layed out and suntanned. Ok, I layed out and the boys copied me for about a minute.

At the end of August I reconnected with an old friend from elementary/high school days. It was great to see her and her new little daughter, Macy and of course to meet Clay as well. Thanks for contacting me, Lee and for making the effort to reconnect. It was very fun to see you and to catch up and for it to feel like no time had passed at all. Looking forward to keeping in contact.

Summer Update - JULY - Better Late Than Never

For Canada Day a bunch of us went downtown and had supper on the beach. We had great fellowship and watched a beautiful sunset.
There was a picture of Steve and Bren at the restaurant here, but she asked me to take it out and I obliged ... even though it was a good picture!!! What a good friend I am.

Next, Bren, Steve and I took a Sunday drive (even though its wasn't Sunday) over the border and just happened upon the Krispy Kreme store. Darn!! How many dozens did you buy, Steve? I don't blame you. They are goooooooood.

Beautiful baby Hannah was born to James and Karen. Congratulations!

At the end of July we ventured downtown for a couple of the Celebration of Lights ceremonies. They were really good this year. First we went to the Taste of the City which was pretty cool too.

Summer Update - JUNE - Better Late Than Never

In June, Jennie, Bren, Natasha and I went to Seattle to ... what else ... SHOP!!! We've done this a few times now and it's been a great "getaway" every time. I love that I'm so comfortable with all my friends. Can't ask for anything better than that. Our usual circuit is The Seattle Premium Outlet Mall, The Alderwood Mall and downtown Seattle. All GREAT shopping.

The special treat of the weekend (other than See's candies) was going to see Nacho Libre. HILARIOUS!!! Can't get much funnier than this.

Also in June was my wonderful friend Jennie's birthday. Jennie and I have just become friends over the last couple of years. She is an inspiration to me, an encourager, someone to be silly with, someone who is honest with me, someone to cry with and someone to spur me on. I LOVE Jennie and am SO happy that we are friends. I look forward to making MANY more memories together. She's one of those friends that I know will be a friend for life and for that I am extremely grateful to God for bringing her into my life.
My friends Mark and Rachel have these 3 adorable little boys (Dillon, Aidan and Jake). We took the boat out one beautiful summer night and the boys LOVED it. I think we've got some future pro-wake boarders here!