Friday, February 23, 2007

Where do I live again?

Do we live in the Yukon, or the Prairies or Alaska? No, we live in BC. So why in the world did I wake up this morning and look into my backyard and see this? Even though it's beautiful, I don't want to see it anymore.
And please don't be offended for those of you that live in the Yukon, the Prairies or Alaska. I'm not saying that they are bad places to live. I’ve been to Alaska and I’ve lived in the Prairies and they are both beautiful in their own ways, but that’s not where I live. Snow at the end of February? That’s weird for BC. Ok, and yes, it’s now 3 in the afternoon and it’s all melted, but it was still weird.

Now, on to more exciting things. All I can say is Phewf!!! Grey’s Anatomy didn’t turn out either of the ways I thought it was going to. Unfortunately, my friend Leana hasn’t caught up with us here in North America, so I still can’t openly talk about the story plot. I know she said it's ok to talk about it in one of her comments, but I don't want to ruin anything. All I’m going to say about last night’s episode are these 2 things: 1) I’ve got 2 words for you … Brain Damage? and 2) I love Denny and miss him!!!

Next week I’ll try to have something other than TV rants. The girls and I are going down to Seattle this weekend, so I’m sure I’ll have some pics to post next week, unless they say, "What happens in Seattle, stays in Seattle." Haha No, we’re not a rowdy group, but we do know how to have fun. Most of my friends read my blog and as soon as I take a picture now they say, "Fiona, you can’t blog that one!" or "Watch out! Fion’s probably going to blog about that." Kinda funny. Anyways, have a great weekend!

Friday, February 16, 2007


Quick, I'm getting a coldsore. Ok, let's just call it what it is ... herpes!! Ewwwww, I have herpes!! I can feel the tingling of the monster just starting to rear it's ugly head. Any good remedies out there (other than putting perfume on it)? Do tell.

Ok, if there were any potential suitors out there, I just lost 'em all. :( Oh well. Hey, if he doesn't love me, herpes and all, I don't want him .... right?

What the HELLLLLL!!!

Mom, if you read this, sorry about saying What the Hell (oops, said it again), but it had to be said. I'm talking about Grey's Anatomy last night. I have to be very selective in what I write because I'm not sure my friend, Lea in Argentina, has caught up with all the episodes, so I don't want to give anything away, but I can't believe how they ended last night's episode. If it's true, there will be a part of me that won't want to watch the show anymore, that's how bad it ended. But maybe it was a dream, or this whole season has been a dream. I know, that wouldn't be great either, but it would be better than having how it ended last night be true. Can't be true. I refuse not to believe it. Lea, don't go on the Grey's website and find out what I'm talking about because you don't want to ruin anything. Unless you really are totally up to date, then let me know and we can rant away. Jennie called me at work this morning and she didn't even say hello. She just said, "What the Hell? (see Mom, it's not just me). I said, "I know. That's exactly what I thought and am going to write on my blog today." I can't believe we have to wait until next Thursday to find out if it's true or not. But they'll probably find a way to drag it through a bunch more episodes before we find out what's really going on. Can you tell I'm in denial? Whatever. I'm too worked up to talk about it anymore. Peace out.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

What Movies Teach Us

1) When they're alone, all foreigners prefer to speak English to each other.

2) When in love, it is customary to break into song.

3) Any lock can be picked by a credit card or a paper clip in seconds - unless it's the door to a burning building with a child trapped inside.

4) One man shooting at 20 men has a better chance of killing all of them than 20 men have of shooting one man.

5) A man will show no pain while taking the most ferocious beating, but he will wince when a woman tries to clean his wounds.

Source: Anonymous

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sun Run & Survivor Update

It's now been 4 weeks of training and I've only missed one training day (I had a really bad cough, ok - the doc even gave me pills for bronchitis, so I think that's a good excuse). They say that next week the training will get more intense, so PRAY FOR ME!!! I'm actually really looking forward to the Sun Run. Maybe I'll feel differently a week before, but right now I'm still excited about it, a little nervous, yes, but hoping the adrenalin will kick in and help me past the nerves.

I'm in 2 different Survivor pools. One with work people and one with my friends. Yes, just call me Kenny Rogers ... you know, The Gambler? Anyways, the names I drew are Mookie and Earl. I'm pretty happy with those choices for now, but we'll see how things go. I made it past week 1. So far, so good!

Phewf, 4 posts in one day. That was a lot of typing and downloading, but I'm finally caught up. Until next time ...

Happy Birthday Monica!!

Last night we celebrated Monica's 40th birthday. I hope she doesn't mind me saying that she's 40, because she looks great (also, it's going to be on the pictures I post, so you'd know anyway). :)

Monica loves the restaurant in Vancouver called Los Margaritas (I think that's the name of it), but instead of us all going there, her hubby Kelly decided to put on a Mexican themed party for her here. There were 15 of us in all and it was a great time.

Nothing like a 7 layer dip instead of a cake! During supper Monica's sister and cousins were reminiscing about growing up with Monica and although Mon might kill me for telling you this story, I have to tell it. Mon used to force her sister to play barbies with her and would make up all these scenarios. Sounds normal, right? Well, they weren't allowed to have Ken dolls, so they used their brothers GI Joe doll and Bobby Orr doll instead. Again, sounds normal. Mon's sister told us that Mon was so into barbies that she had to go through the whole life cycle of dating (including kissing), marriage, getting pregnant and giving birth (including the sounds effects of grunting while giving birth). After they've finished telling their stories, Monica starts giggling quietly to herself and after some prodding, tells us that she remembers one time when she made Barbie wear a towel and oops, the towel slipped a little to reveal unmentionables. Too funny. I love your imagination, Mon. Very cute.

Instead of a cake, Monica asked to have a banana split bar. I was so full from supper, but of course I had to stuff my face with the yummy fixin's you see above. Mmmm, mmmm, mmm.

Mon, you have such a wonderful spirit. You are a loving, caring, funny, encouraging friend and I'm so glad to have gotten to know you over the last couple of years. Thanks for letting me "crash" your party. ;P Looking forward to the Jann Arden concert and also to your blow out party in the summer. Bring on the 80s tunes!!!

BNL Concert

Last weekend Rachel and I went to see BNL with the tickets that I won WAAAAY back in September. It was a GREAT concert. Granted, they're no U2, but they were definitely funnier than U2 (don't let Bono, Edge, Larry or Adam know that I said that).

Here's the bad news. I forgot to bring my camera!!! Can you believe it? I was SOOOO disappointed. Rachel forgot hers too, so we were hooped. We ran into some friends (Dan & Monika) before the concert and when we told them that we forgot our cameras, the first thing Monika said was, "How are you going to blog about this?" I love it when people who aren't bloggers, get my blogging obsession and indulge me. Thanks, Monika. My friends Brenda, Karen and Carmen were at the concert too, and Bren remembered to bring her camera, but they bought tickets last minute and had nose bleed seats, so the pics are a little far away, but better than nothing.

Thanks to Rachel for going with me and for driving her smashed up truck. :)
Thanks to Bren for remembering her camera.
Thanks to BNL for a great night out and for making me laugh.
Thanks to Z95.3 for the tickets. Here's to me winning some for Gwen Stefani!!

Baby Showers

Hello, hello!! I'm back. I've been without a computer for awhile (still am, actually, but Jennie's being wonderful and letting me steal time on her computer) and it's been really hard not being able to catch up on all my blogger pals lives, so it's been fun to sit here for a couple of hours and do some reading!!

First of all, at one of the baby showers that I'm about to talk about, there were a few girls who told me that they enjoy reading my blog, so I want to send a shout out to all those girls and remind you to feel free to leave a comment anytime. I love hearing people's ideas/views/comments.

In mid-January I attended a shower for my friend, Jody who had a beautiful baby girl who they names Amazia. I don't get to see Jody too often anymore, so it was nice to catch up and hang out. Congrats, Jody and Chris.

Then, in late January, I went to a shower for my friend Pam who had a little baby boy named Eric, who looks just like Daddy. Our other friend Pam hosted a shower for her and here are a few pics.

Proud Mama and baby. It seems like just yesterday I was in your wedding, Pam. My, how time flies. I'm soooo happy for you and Jeremy.

My wonderful friend, Lori, helped me make a baby quilt for little Eric. This process was much easier and a LOT quicker than the first one, and still fun to make. (Vain side note: Pam is really a very tiny girl, so I'm not really as huge as I look in this picture .. granted, my hair can be quite huge at times, so maybe I am as huge as I look ... anyways, just wanted to add that because I'm vain sometimes)

Little Eric gazing into Mommy's eyes and holding her pinky while feeding. So cute!

Congrats to both Jody & Chris and Pam & Jeremy on their new little bundles. It will be fun to watch them grow over time and see how you blossom as parents.