Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fiona needs ...

I saw this on Keri's blog awhile ago and thought it was funny, so I thought I'd try it.

Here’s how it works: Google “[your first name] needs” (don't forget to include the quotes) and share the first 10 results. That's it: it is that simple. But be honest...

Fiona needs URL

Fiona needs to ______. I want to ______ Fiona. Fiona can ______ my ______. If I could describe Fiona in a word: ______. Fiona will never _____.

Princess Fiona needs her Shrek

Fiona needs support

Fiona Needs is on Facebook

fiona needs to go on a diet seriously

Fiona needs money!!!

Fiona needs new hips.

Fiona needs insperation

Fiona needs a HOME!!!

Ha Ha! Some of those are SO true ... and some of them I have no idea what they mean, but it was funny, so I thougth I'd post it. :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm back! (I should look and see how many times I've used that as my Title)

Hey Everyone ... if you're still there. My friend asked me today, "When you said on your blog that you'd be back in April, did you mean April 2010?" After we had a good laugh about that (thank you, Karen), I tried to explain why I haven't been back, and I'll try to explain it here as well. At first, I didn't come back right away because 40 days away from the computer really made me realize that I don't need it as much as I thought I did. I could live without it! Can you believe that? :) I would go for days without even thinking to look at my emails or Facebook, but slowly over time, it's creeped/crept back in. Not like it was before Lent, and only on my email and Facebook. I haven't looked at my blog or anyone else's since the end of February. When I thought about why that is, I think it's because I'm a little ashamed. I had big plans for myself during my break, but I think I somewhat wasted my time and I'm dealing with some shame over that. Without my computer, I'd have a lot of time on my hands to do good things with. I'm going to admit that the only good thing that I feel came of my break was that I visited with people I hadn't seen in a long time and I made time for that, which I was happy about. Other then that, I'll be honest and tell you that I filled my time with crap TV. I did do some reading, but mostly I sat (or layed, depending on my mood) on my couch and I flicked through channels. I didn't read my Bible more like I intended or have more quiets times and pray and I know that I missed out on some great opportunities. Then why didn't I do it? I've asked myself that question so many times and I can only come up with that I didn't want it enough, which makes me sad. I know only I can change that, but for some reason, I don't. I know that God still loves me and we have a wonderful relationship, but it can always be better.

Anyways, there it is. Now that I've admitted that, maybe I'll be here more often.

Oh, in the time that I've been gone, I've transferred to a new job and it's been wonderful! God's timing is perfect, as always, and He knew what I needed well before I did. I'm so glad that I didn't get that job that I talked about earlier. I'm also glad that He's in control and not me. :)