Friday, July 08, 2011

Hello July!!!

I realize that I've been quite absent for awhile and for that, I'm sorry ... however, you know I was gone for the month of May and the month of June? Forget about it! I returned home from overseas on June 3, forced myself to stay awake until 9pm, crashed for 10 hours, got up, repacked a small bag and headed out the door with 2 friends for Seattle. Why Seattle? I'm glad you asked. I went to see THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD!!! If you have to ask which band that is, you're new to my blog, aren't you?

U2 of course!!!

Had a GREAT time at the concert, stayed overnight, walked around Seattle the next day and tried my new favoritest ice cream in the world (will explain more in a later post), came home early evening on Sunday (still working on jet lag, don't forget), had errands and plans Monday and Tuesday, did NOTHING on Wednesday and then back to work on Thursday.

Friday after work I packed ANOTHER small bag and headed up to Whistler for the weekend with 3 friends. Man, Whistler's beautiful!!!

Another week of work (just about kicked jet lag by this point ... with a few up-until-3am nights in there), then had a friend come up from Seattle and stay at my place all weekend ... we went and saw Wicked (really great, but the A/C wasn't working so it was like a SAUNA in there!!!) and then on Sunday did another trip into Vancouver to pick up my sister's dog at the airport and transfer him to another airline and send him off to Calgary for my parents to pick him up.

Another week of work (finally kicked the jet lag) and then headed down to Snohomish and Seattle to visit some friends, which brings us to last weekend where I GLADLY welcomed the month of July because I only have one or two things planned!!!

Don't get me wrong. I loved everything I did in the months of May and June, but I'm exhausted!!!

I'll try to start updating again, but that's the quick version of the last month ... all of which my pics are on Facebook and most of you have commented on, so I think I'll just leave this one as a wordy update. :P

I'm happy to be back!

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