Friday, December 29, 2006

Sunday - Day after concert - 4 of 5

Although the day after the concert was a bit sad, we were still in Hawaii, so we managed to drag ourselves out of bed and go to the beach, go for a walk and do a little bit of shopping. It was very fun (and a bit sad) to see all the U2 t-shirts walking around. We would quietly say to the people as we walked by, "Great concert, hey?" to which they would exclaim, "It was AMAZING!!" and we'd yet again make some new friends. Aaaah, the U2 community is a great thing. Anyways, here's us at the Hilton with the penguins. Bren had talked about these penguins for weeks before we went, so I had to take a picture.

We had to sit at the Hilton and enjoy a little sunny, beach drink.

Celebrity sighting! Can you tell me who it is?

It was a little weird to be in a warm, sunny place in December with Christmas music playing and decorations up all over. A little hard to believe that Christmas was just around the corner. Beautiful Christmas lights and hey, beautiful women, too (if I do say so, myself)! :)

I think I found the place where I'll get my next tattoo. Hart & Huntington. Anyone ever watch Inked? I love that show and they now have a store in Hawaii. I also love the show Miami Ink and if I went there, I'd either get Cat or Chris to tattoo me. A girl can dream.


Kori's House said...

I am stumped on the dude. I am not good with celeb's, what can I say :)
I was going to guess it's the guy from "Trial by Choir" on TLC but I am probably the only one who watches it :)

P.S. IF I ever got a tatoo... I would love to have Cat do it!

Anonymous said...

So fun!!!
You guys look great!! I have sooo been waiting for your update. I wrote a few days ago but it didn´t show up. Blogger must not like me. Hope you had a good Christmas. Love you friend. Lea

Fiona said...

Kori - I'll give you a hint. He was an Olympic athlete and popular in the late 80s - mid 90s. He definitely wasn't one of my favorites. And how much do I love that you know who Cat is? Very fun!

Lea - Sorry it took me so long to get these entries up. I know you were waiting patiently. My next entries about Christmas will explain a bit about why it took so long. We'll see how long it takes me to get that entry up! :)

Kori's House said...

Ben Johnson or Carl Lewis?? Those are the only ones I can think of.

My husband is 'artsy' and actually wants to start tatooing people although has no desire for a tatoo himself!! He works at a Bible College so not sure tatooing on the side would be good for his current career :)

Fiona said...

Hey Kori,
Yup, it's Carl Lewis. All these people were around him getting pictures, and I wanted to go up to him and say, "I like Donovan Bailey better!" but I thought that might not be too nice. :) Cool that your hubby is artsy. I had no artistic bones in my body. Your hubby graduated with my sister, Jodi. I totally remember him ... and your sister's hubby too, of course. Connections! Fun.