Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Year in Review

The year began
In the Capital of the Nation
Didn’t matter it was for work
And not a vacation

It was much more beautiful
Then I expected it to be
Especially in the cold and chilly month
Of February

In March I needed some sun
So off to Vegas we went
We saw “O” from Cirque du Soleil
And a few dollars at the slot machines were spent

I also switched jobs in March
Off to prison I did go
Doesn’t sound like a step up
But I should’ve made this move long ago

In April I did the Sun Run
For the very last time
Training out in the cold
Has got to be a crime (ok, I’m just lazy!)

My friend rented an apartment
In Vancouver for the summer
We rode the seawall and spent lots of time at the beach
That I didn’t have more time off, was a bummer

Had an awesome reunion
With a lot of the Borne clan
Then was visited by my friend Missy
And up to Whistler we ran

My birthday was in August
Celebrated with great friends
Michael Bublé stopped by to say hello
No, that is not pretend

Ok, maybe he didn’t “stop by”
As much as I went up and said hello
But he was extremely gracious and kind
A very nice fellow

Then off to Tofino we went
Of my friends surfing I took pics
But for me, up in the sky, paragliding
Is where I got my kicks

Got tattoo number 5
“Freedom in Christ” is what it reads
But to tattoo number 6
Is where it will lead

Was reunited with another “old” friend
Went to Osoyoos for Thanksgiving
Got in a kayak on the lake
And chipped away at my misgiving (fear of water)

October was finally the month
When U2 came back to town
Excitement was in the air
I could finally end the countdown

Standing in line for 13 hours
Paid off in a big way
When I landed a front row spot
It was the highlight of my day.

The concert was amazing
They put on such a great show
I got my picture with Bono & The Edge (kind of)
And I was all aglow

But then I shifted gears
And hopped on a plane the very next day
And flew to Argentina, via Chile
To see my friend, Leana, I will go a long way

Buenos Aires is amazing
Evita’s balcony we saw
Of the amazing Argentine tango show
I was definitely in awe

I got to meet Doug & Leana’s two little girls
For the very first time
They are adorable and sweet
And all over me they did climb (and I loved it)

It was an amazing trip
I’m so glad that I went
Came back to Canada and with SYTYCD and the ballet
Some of my November time was spent

This year went by so fast
I can’t believe that we’re through
What will 2010 bring, I wonder
Oh, I haven’t a clue

But for now I give thanks
For my dear Saviour’s birth
It’s in Him that I put my trust
In Him I find my worth

I pray you have a blessed Christmas
With family and friends
It really is the perfect way
To bring the year (and this poem) to an end


Marni said...

what a wonderful year in review! i admire your ability to seize the day. :)

Unknown said...

Great poem! I noticed that Michael got 2 verses and U2 got 3. I guess you love U2 best after all. ;)

villagegirl said...

love the poem. What a great way to sum up the year. Sounds like it was a great one!

Keri's Collage... said...

I love your poem! You had a great year and have some awesome memories to show for it!