Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fun with friends

The other night I had some girlfriends over that I'd been promising to have over for quite some time. With Christmas and all it's busyness behind us, I sent out an email, set the date and the night was planned. How can anyone resist a chocolate fondue?! :)

From left to right: Rachel, Kori, me, Jennie and Keri

Getting ready to start dunking a piece of fruit, a marshmallow or a pretzel.

We were definitely not short of food, that's for sure!

Of course we must take a group picture. This was my first attempt at setting it up with the couch in the centre. Not bad.
Then I set the timer ... or so I thought!

Ok, now the timer really is set ... but "someone" didn't make it quite in time. :)

There we go!
We had such a great night. We had planned on playing either Dutch Blitz or Mexican Train, but we got gabbing ... and gabbing ... and gabbing, and before you knew it, we had talked the night away. Gotta love it when you don't run out of things to talk about.

The girls brought me this beautiful plate (they know that purple's my favorite colour) as a housewarming gift. I LOVE IT and can't wait to use it! Then, after I unwrapped it, I saw something stuck to the plate ... they had also got me a gift card for Pier 1! Ladies, you shouldn't have! I am hoping to go spend it this weekend and then next week I'll post pics of ALL the wonderful housewarming gifts I've gotten. I truly am blessed.

Thanks for a great night, ladies. I can't wait until we get together again.


Rachel said...

I'm up for a girls night anytime!

Kori's House said...

OK, I knew there was a lot of food but that's CRAZY. No wonder I ate so much. It was so good!
Thanks for having us over Fiona. You have a very lovely home and you are a great hostess!

Jennie said...

It was a blast...let's do it again...soon! :)

Unknown said...

I'm sad that I couldn't make it. :( But it looks like you had lots of fun even without me there. ;)

villagegirl said...

Looks like a great night with great food and great company!