Saturday, December 01, 2007

Birth, Death and a bit of an update

Last week my friends Dwain & Lori welcomed a beautiful new edition to their family. Lily Marie Faith is a first daughter for them and a little sister for Ryan and Jacob. This family has grown to mean a lot to me over the years and I am very happy for them. I got to see Lily when she was just 7 hours old and I felt privileged to be able to hold her, smell her and give a celebratory toast to her. Look at all that hair! Isn't she great? I can't wait to watch her grow up.

Lori was very smart in thinking of a way to break Lily in with the boys. She told the boys that when the baby came, "it" had a present for them. When they came to the hospital, Lily gave her brothers this present and they said something like, "She's going to be the BEST little sister EVER!" So cute!

Have fun buying little girl clothes, Lori! ;) Bring on the pink!

Also this week, my friend unfortunately lost his Dad. I debated whether to put these two things in the same post, but it just shows how unpredictable life can be. Lily was a bit of a surprise for Dwain & Lori, but they welcome her and love her with all that they have. My friend wasn't expecting to lose his Dad either, but God decided that it was his time to go Home. It's a good reminder to let the ones we love know how much we love them no matter how young or old they are.

Which is why I want to thank you all (whether I hang out with you or simply know you through this blog) again for your prayers. Work has gotten MUCH better. They have gotten me some help so I don't feel quite so overwhelmed, which is great, however, training someone can be awkward because technically she's not my assistant. We are equals and I want her to feel that, but it's mostly me who has to train her so I feel like I'm giving her my grunt work. I'm hoping that we will feel more like team mates soon and that I won't get the looks from her that I feel I'm getting when I bring her new work to do. Yes, these looks may only be in my mind, but it can make it uncomfortable none the less. For the most part it's great because some of the pressure has been lifted and yes, I'm sure the fact that I leave next week has helped a lot, but I know that God has answered your prayers, so thanks again!


Nancy Skeels said...

What a good reminder to put life into perspective. I'm glad they've hired someone to help out with your workload. And, have fun in Malaysia! Enjoy your Christmas!

Lovella ♥ said...

Fiona, it is not strange at all that you would combine this post. Life is unpredictable and life and death are equally as predictable.

I'm just barely slightly biased but I do think that Lily is ONE of the sweetest little baby girls I've ever seen.

Unknown said...

What a sweet baby girl. I can't believe all that hair!

I'm glad things are going better for you at work. I hope you have the most wonderful time ever in Mayasia! :) And stay out of trouble...if that's possible. ;)

Anonymous said...

So glad you are doing better. Also excited for your friend Lori. I have been reading her blog and they seem like such a great family. I am so glad that they have taken good care of you my friend.

This post so reminds me of when my mom passed away. Less than a month later my nephew was born and it seemed like such a circle of life and that God in all His goodness knows exactly what we need.

Blessings as you prepare for your trip.

Love Lea

Marni said...

Sometimes just saying it out loud helps - like "you know, I'm really glad that you are here...and I am looking forward to the time when I won't have to be training you b/c I know some of this stuff seems like grunt work that I am giving you". I personally find that kind of stuff hard to say but when I've actually screwed up my courage to do so, things generally get better. Or I perceive them differently. ...just a thought.

Fiona said...

Thanks everyone. I'm very excited for Christmas (if only I can get to the airport through all this snow ... it'll be gone by next Saturday, right?).

Lovella - I'm not related to them and I feel a little biased, too. She's very sweet.

Sonya - if I stay out of trouble, will I have any fun? ;)

Thanks for the advice, Marni. I may just use that line this week. It would also help if my supervisor stepped in and said a little something, too, but I don't know if she will. But they'll have a month together so maybe when I get back she'll have the job down pat! One can hope/dream. :)