Friday, January 26, 2007

A Retirement, 2 Proposals and the best line EVER!!!

Warning (again): Grey's Anatomy discussion again. If you haven't watched it yet ... well, you know the drill.

Ok, I know it's been a week since my last post and that last one was about Grey's then, too, but what can I say, it was a boring week (except for when this mean lady at work said something totally rude to me and 4 of us stood there with our mouths gaping at her in disbelief and my boss TOTALLY stood up for me and told her off ... oh yeah, that was awesome). But other then that, it was boring, except for Grey's last night.

Here’s the scene: Derek yelled at Meredith for something that I think he had a little bit of a right to be upset with her about, but not enough to yell at her and then walk away. She leaves work without him and goes home. He shows up at her place and apologizes for yelling at her, to which this conversation follows:

Meredith: “You yell at me, walk away and then show up here.”
Derek: “Of course I show up here. That’s how relationships work.”
Meredith: “How am I supposed to know that?”
Derek: “Oh my goodness. You’ve never done this before.”
Meredith: “No, I’ve never done this before.”
Derek: “Well, here’s how it works. I will always show up. Even after I yell. Even after you yell. That’s how it works. I’m always going to show up.”

I’m always going to show up!!!! Is that not the best line you’ve ever heard on TV and/or in a movie? And I love that it’s a guy saying it to a girl and teaching a girl about how relationships work for once. It always seems like girls are doing the hard work and trying to “change” the guy into who they want him to be or teach him how to be in a relationship. It was sooooo great. Ok, I’m not currently in a relationship, but I can still appreciate a good line. Well done, writers.

Not sure how The Chief will stay on the show with him retiring and his wife not taking him back. I like him, though, so I hope he stays. But if he doesn't, I hope they bring in someone new to take over The Chief's position. I definitey don't want to see Burke, McSteamy or Addison to get it. I would be ok with Derek getting it, but I think it would be fun to bring in new blood.

Also, I was shocked when both Burke and George proposed. George’s was sweet, Burke’s was stupid. You just played a game of “who can keep quiet the longest” and now you want to marry her? Are you mature enough for that? I think not. I hope Callie says yes and Christina says no. Oh, and I hope George didn’t really break Callie’s Va-Jay-Jay (especially if they’re going to get married). :)

And what’s up with ER being a re-run AGAIN? I want to find out what happens to Abby with that psycho in her house. Scaaaaaaary!

Hopefully something non-boring will happen in my life next week so I don't only post about non-reality. Until then ... remember. I'm always going to show up! Sigh!


Jennie said...

Yes, I must agree 'I'm always going to show up' so so sweet. I love that he is so patient with Meredith. AND the proposals, what the heck?? I was so not prepared for that...and I agree, Christina and Burke should NOT get married but George and Callie...I love real and down-to-earth and dare I say, 'Big Boned'. Gotta love when the chubby girl finds a great guy! Ok, I love that show!

onedayatatime said...

That was awesome, about the proposals... man, they sure leave you in suspense for the next week! I laughed SO hard with the "you broke your girlfriends' va-jay-jay" line!!!! LOL!!!! That was awesome! LOL!!!! I can't wait for this weeks' episode, and it's a new ER on Thursday too....yay!

villagegirl said...

I love the recap and I LOVED that line. I'm completely addicted to this show. :)

Canadian Kristin said...

I agree....McSteamy's line was THE line I would love to hear!

Jennie said...

Callie O'Malley...funny!!!

Erin said...

Fiona, how are you! Im not sure why you cant read my blog. Can you not get to it through Randi's even. Weird! Let me know if you still cant...i just read that comment on Randis blog!!!