Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Fray concert

Concert #1 of the summer - complete! And what fun we had. The concert was held at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby and it was a gorgeous day which is great since it's an outdoor venue and the weatherman had called for showers. Silly weatherman. I have a hard time believing him anymore. We got a GREAT parking spot and didn't have to stand in line at all. I won't tell you HOW we got that great parking spot, but I will say right now, "Thanks Lori!" ;)

This is a view from the back of the field. We decided to sit over to the left side closer to the front about half way down.

Here we (Bren, Carmen and Lori) are sitting and waiting for the show to begin. Not bad seats, right?

Once the show began I took a few pictures using my zoom and then thought, "Hey, this is an outdoor concert and there's room to move around," so down to the front I went. Here I got quite a few better pictures.

I stayed down at the front until I got this video. A lot of people were asking me who The Fray were, so I thought I'd video their most famous song and jog a few memories. Do you recognize it?

Speaking of recognize, does anyone know this guy? He was flirting with someone who shall remain nameless (no, not me) and I thought I'd try to see if anyone knows him so we can make a loooooove connection. ha ha

About 20 minutes after we went back to our original seats, the lead singer pulled about 30 people on stage to play tambourine with them and he pulled them up from EXACTLY where we were standing! Doh! Oh well. It's not like it was Justin Timberlake. ha ha But it did look like they had a lot of fun. We had fun despite not getting on stage. They really do have great voices and the outdoor venue is really quite fun.
Only 17 more days until the Chris Daughtry concert and then of course only 27 more days until JUSTIN!!!


Kori's House said...

Ok, still don't recognize these dudes, but I do like the song!
Love the rasp!

Lovella ♥ said...

friends, fun, summer evenings, music, oh the makings of memories.

villagegirl said...

Sounds like a fun day! That song is still one of my favs. That dude looks familiar but I got nothin'.

cayman77 said...

nice! I love that song too as well as Brandon hes always playing it on the computer! Its very hip.