Saturday, November 11, 2006


Of course on our weekend away, it wouldn't be complete without some shopping. We hit the Alderwood Mall (if you haven't been there, you MUST go) and our first stop was Sephora. Now, I'm not a huge make-up girl, but this store has so many fun things, that we could spend hours there. We always end up leaving with a few perfume samples and of course either the newest fun things in hair care (this time it was to make your hair really shiny) or the latest Philosophy Body Wash fragrance. Seriously, it's a very fun store. Here's a picture of Jennie as happy as can be after getting her perfume called Falling In Love and a few other purchases.

We also have a regular stop at the See's Candies store. YUMMY!!! I once got a box of chocolates from someone I house sat for and there was no index of which chocolate was what, so I was very afraid that I would bite into something that I wouldn't appreciate (being the picky person that I am), but I was incredibly surprised that I loved every single chocolate in that box. That's a good testimony to a great candy store. Thanks See's Candies for making us all smile!

Mmmm, a glass case full of chocolate!
And I made my favorite purchase of my "Inspired" T-shirt from The Gap. If you haven't heard about the "Red Line" of products, please check out this link. Bono was on Oprah not too long ago and him and a friend launched the Red Campaign. They got a few different companies (Gap, Motorolla, Converse, Armani, etc) to agree to put out a line of products that a percentage of each purchase will go to help fight Aids in Africa. Can you guess what I'm going to be wearing to the concert in December? :)

It was a great weekend. Concert and shopping ... some of my favorite things. Thanks girls!

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Anonymous said...

It was a GREAT weekend! I really enjoyed the concert too! All 3 artists were new to me-- and I thoroughly enjoyed the concert. Seattle has to be my favorite place to go for a weekend get away. It is always a fun time with lots of interesting places along the way. The people I was with were amazing too. Thanks girls! When are we going again??