Thursday, November 02, 2006

West Coast Women's Show

A couple of weekends ago a few of us girls went to the West Coast Women's Show. We got many fun taste tests and free samples. There was also a scary booth that I honestly thought was just a nice smelling lotion booth, but it was for something I won't mention here. As I was standing in line to get my free sample, Carmen politely pointed out what I was standing in line for. OOPS!!! Thanks Carmen. hee hee Also, on the main stage was Nik Manojlovich from Savoir Faire. I hadn't heard of him before, but Natasha and Bren had. I think Natasha actually had a little crush! She was so cute! Here are a few pics of him teaching us napkin folding and table decorating. Natasha went up to get an autograph for her sister who was sick at home, and when she told Nik that, he said, "What's her phone number? I'll call her." She was too sick to even answer the phone, but he left a great message for her and told her to Make Every Day Entertaining (his tag line). Now that's a good sport. Thanks Nik!


Anonymous said...

Okay I wrote a comment yesterday and I don´t know where it went. So here goes again. The bootcamp thing sounds great. I need something like that as we are heading into summer in this neck of the woods. And just want to encourage you that you are doing so well at updating your blog. I am a bit of a blog addict so I check at least once a day. So nice to be able to experience what is going on in your life in this cyber kind of way. Love you friend. Lea

Anonymous said...

I've never gone to the show before but plan to travel this year to see my favorite Y&R star. Sounds like a blast and I can't wait!