Sunday, November 26, 2006

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!!!

Yesterday it started snowing and it hasn't stopped yet. This was this morning at 11 am.

And a couple of hours later, it looked like this.

I'm sure by morning my truck will be buried!!!

My wonderful friends that I'm staying with had fun playing in the snow.

So much fun ... well, it was for me watching from the warmth of the indoors!

Later in the evening we celebrated their oldests birthday. Happy 5th Birthday, Buddy!

Lightning McQueen cake? Wow, what a lucky boy. The things our mothers do for us when we're too young to appreciate it, hey? To all you mothers out there, I salute you. I remember (through pictures mostly) the cakes my mom made for me and they were fancy too. Thanks Mom, in case I didn't say thanks back then.

And I just had to put this picture in of his little brother because it's so darn cute.

Oh, Amazing Race is on. Gotta go! Enjoy the snow, everyone!

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