Friday, November 24, 2006

Tattoo #4

It means, Enough. Here's the story.

This tattoo has been almost 2 years in the making. When I was in Malaysia in Jan/Feb of 2005, I started reading the book The Sacred Romance, by John Eldredge & Brent Curtis.

This book totally rocked me. At that point in my life I wasn’t feeling much love and was going through some “stuff” with my family. This book was exactly what I needed. God used Monica in a big way by having her pick it out for me as a going away present for my trip. It was the first part of why I got this tattoo. Like I said before, I wasn’t feeling much love or like I was worth much at that time (insecurities abounded) and the title even scared me a little. The Sacred Romance. I thought, “Sure … romance. Haven’t had much of that in my life, so this should be an interesting read.” I could give you a play by play of every chapter because I was in tears by the end of Chapter 1 and wrote madly about every chapter in my journal, but I’ll just give you the main points. He talks about how we always look at God as the Author of the Bible and also the Author of our life story, instead of the Hero of our story. Here’s a little of what I wrote in my journal. “God fights for me, woos me, never gives up on me and most of all, He died for me. What more could I ask for? I need nothing more than You.” On Pg. 81 he says, “God is the one pursuing us … He will not give in.” Ok, wow! I’d always said I wanted to be pursued and here was the greatest pursuer ever, staring me right in the face and I didn’t see it like that. Isn’t that the greatest romance? John Eldredge likes to use a lot of movie analogies, and that’s another reason I really related to this book. (You’ll always get me if you relate things to movies.) On Pg. 91 he talks about Helen of Troy and how she was so pursued that she was stolen by one man from another man who launched a thousand ships to get her back. God launched the greatest campaign in the history of the world to get us back. He sent His Son to DIE for us. Not for our outward beauty, but for our hearts. How great is that? I could go on with many more “a-ha” moments I had from this book, but I think you get the idea. God pursues me, woos me and lets me know that I’m worth His effort. He is ENOUGH for me.

Right when I got back from Malaysia, I bought the Jeremy Camp CD, Carried Me.

I’m not sure who wrote the song, but #3 on the Album is titled Enough. Need I say more? Unfortunately, he didn't sing this song at his concert last month. :( Here are the lyrics:

You are my supply
My breath of life
Still more awesome than I know.
You are my reward
Worth living for
Still more awesome than I know.
Chorus:And all of you
Is more than enough for all of me
For every thirst and every need
You satisfy me with your love
And all I have in you is more than enough
You're my sacrifice
Of greatest price
Still more awesome than I know.
You're my coming King
You're my everything
Still more awesome than I know.
More than all I want
More than all I need
You are more than enough for me.
More than all I know
More than all I can see
You are more than ENOUGH for me.

And the third reason for me getting this tattoo came when I read Donald Miller’s book, Searching for God Knows What.

On Pg. 46 he writes,

“Imagine, a Being with a mind as great as God’s, with feet like trees and a voice like rushing wind, telling you that you are His cherished creation. It’s kind of exciting if you think about it. Earthly love is temporal and slight so that is has to be given again and again in order for us to feel any sense of security; but God’s love, God’s voice and presence, would instill our souls with such affirmation we would need nothing more ...

And why do we need nothing more? Because God is ENOUGH!

Ok, the story may be kind of long to tell some random person on the street who asks me what it means, but the short version is: There's a song we sing at my church that says, "All of you, is more than enough for all of me," and that means that God is More Than Enough for me. Sure, if these people aren't Christians and don't understand my beliefs, they might think I'm crazy, but it could be a good conversation starter. :)

Where is this tattoo, you may ask. Take a look at this. It sounds more painful than it was.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Fiona,

It looks awesome and what a great meaning! Thanks for what you write in your blog. It's an inspiration.


Rachel said...

Wow...I like your tattoo and the meaning behind it even more!